Beechy's Find from Reddit with new RoI Info
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Beechy's Find from Reddit with new RoI Info

Thank Beech when you get a chance!

Full video interview here: ... atch?v=bEgHalZoCtg

"Keep an eye out for things to do the week before ROI launches".

I'm sure most you will be playing, but it sounded like they were excited about the pre-dlc teaser (think a pack of wolves) coming before ROI.

New Game Informer video was just uploaded. I'm currently watching and if anything cool is revealed I'll edit it in.

Edit 1: Bungie has a community team that ranks the most asked for Destiny community changes. Every month they have a list of what the community wants that is constantly updated internally. They even talked about the community's ideas for "Juggernaut" where one player is at a high LL while other players will lower their LL and hide.

Edit 2: "There is something in the [new] social space that we haven't talked about".

Edit 3: "With the release of ROI, will we be getting a new 'weapon and class tuning' update?" BNG-->"At a later date, post ROI."

TL;DW (is this a thing? "Too long; didn't watch"?)

*What's the release time for RoI? - 2AM PT

*Will SRL be permanent? we're not allowed to talk about it at this moment

*Will the Gjallarhorn be the "mighty" weapon it was or the post-nerf version? It will be tuned to be not the only weapon you use

*Will we see more Chroma? We wanted to introduce the new ornaments as an evolution of chromas. Previous chroma will still be available.

*Will Banshee have new weapons? We updated Gunsmith weapons to the new light level.

*Changes in the Vault organization? Not in day 1 but we're working on it.

*Will Year 2 ToO armor be available in Year 3? No, hurry and get it now.

Edit 4: 17:20; Xur will also sell ornaments that you can get from Radiant Treasure. "RT drops can be converted to 'silver dust' and used to buy items from Tess." It sounds like "Silver Dust" can be used at both Tess and Xur.

Edit 5: The "Exotic weapons/armor" kiosk will be updated to include the new items without specifically showing "year 3".

Edit 6: Private matches wins and kills count towards grimoire.

Edit 7: Eva Lavante will now sell Chroma.
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