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3rd Dec 2015

I just filled out application '10 PM Bedtime'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

PSN Username = Peerless187
Age = 26-30
Gender = Male
When did you start playing Destiny? = October 2014
How often do you play Destiny? = Everyday
How many characters do you have over 310 Light Level? = 3
After reading our recruitment post, what activity do you think 10 PM Bedtime primarily focuses on? = Raiding & PvE
Which class is your favorite in a raid setting and why? = Titan. As a longtime fan of paladins I would be doing myself a disservice not using one in space. In all seriousness though, In past experience with MMOs, I have always found myself most comfortable playing a support class in bulky armor who can OT when required and when I started destiny (blindly) I thought the titan would fit those roles. I was somewhat right. Defender wth it's excellent orb generation with gift of light and iron harvest, high armor with added survivability from force barrier and the group buff from bubble is most reminiscent of my one true love, the paladin.
Is there anything about the class(s) you play that you don't enjoy? = Rocks. Keep getting in my damn skates.
What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses while playing your class(s)? = From the Sun Tzu:“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” A raiders true strength comes from a deep understanding of a fights mechanics, his own character's abilities, his fireteam's abilities and how all three can synergize. His greatest weakness, ignorance. I challenge my ignorance to gain better understanding, thus turning weakness into strengh.
What attracted you to our particular clan? Where did you hear about us? = I've been perusing various forum's clan recruitment pages over the last month searching for somethin quite specific. - established and well organized raid times in EST time zone -small clan roster with active membership (I feel I should know the people I raid with better than most I know IRL) - membership with previous end game raiding experience in an MMO setting ( have you tried teaching someone raid etiquette? Doesn't go well with destiny's majoritarily console only playerbase.) - Most importantly, I've been searching for a clan that goes into new content blind, establishes it's own strategies and isn't afraid to wipe. I feel, after reading the thread posted on reddit, that 10 pm bedtime meets the criteria I had established in my search for a new clan.
Have you been in any other Destiny clans? = Yes. When I started destiny in october 2014, I had a group of friends who were just staring out with no previous MMO experience, we would play together daily and I, having 15 + years of leading groups in mmo / rpg settings naturally fell into the role of the goups sherpa. The guys asked me to start a clan, and I reluctantly agreed. We ended up completing 200+ raids together before the group fell to infighting due to some players developping undeserved elitist attitudes.
Have you ever been removed from a clan for misconduct? = No.Then again, I was usually the clan leader so I am biased.
What do you expect to gain from being in our clan? = A home. An extended family of sorts. Loot comes and goes but the boyz are forever.
Do you utilize any outside resources related to Destiny? = I try to discover the majority of a game's in-game mechanics through personal experience, that way, if I were to relay the info to anyone I can be confident of its legitimacy. Also, with the amount of time I spend on destiny, if I were to youtube/google everything, I would run out of interesting things to do.
Are you missing any key exotic weapons or armor pieces that are useful in the current raid? = No, I am missing nothing.
Do you min-max your character's stats? Which stats and gear perks do you focus on? = If it weren't for min/maxing, what would I spend three hours screwing around with in the tower? What I am most excited about right now is my simmering flames/melting point build with max str/disc. Keeping that damage buff up between tethers for max raid dps? Feeling like a paladin... I am also a huge fan of max strength defender with nbp, gift of light and iron harvest. Sure, nightstalker can make a ton of orbs on each super, but I'll be making them constantly throughout a fight.
Have you raided in any other games? Please list your raiding history in Destiny. = I was the raid leader (not guild) for my Vanilla WoW clan, we finished up to sapphiron. Cleared hyjal and bt when you still required attunement, ended TBC on eredar twins. I quit WoW after we finished Ulduar with no watchers. As far as destiny goes, across my three characters I have over 200 raid completions. ... y/pve/ps/peerless187
How do you deal with high pressure or stressful situations? = I thrive under pressure, I am able to remain calm and make rational, fact driven decisions. Adaptability isn't just a stat in dark souls 2.
How do you react to constructive feedback, be it negative or otherwise? = When feedback comes from a place of understanding and is conveyed in an appropriate manner, it would be foolish to ignore. Ignorance is the enemy and communication is our weapon agaisn't it.
How are you with taking directions from someone in a leadership role? = Better than most, having extensive experience in leading raids, I know the detriment of having someone undermine your leadership peersonally.
How do you react when you realize you're putting in more effort than the next guy in your fireteam? = In a clan raid setting, this should not happen as I expect my fireteam to thrive for presence. If you are in a raid, you giv eyour full focus, especially in new content. Mistakes are bound to happen and it is understandable, what isn't are repeated mistakes due to a lack of effort (wanting expressedly to be carried) However, if it's content that's ben on farm status for months, then the issue isn't as important.
What irritates you about other people and how do you usually deal with them? = Arrogance and ignorance. Individually they are quite detrimental to the raid, in union, bad for my blood pressure. You find ample examples of this on lfg.
What do you do for a living? Will there be any conflicts with our raiding schedule of Tue/Wed 7-11? = I am curently on disability due to a work injury, I have a clear schedule outside of taking care of my kids.
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