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25th Dec 2015

I just filled out application '10 PM Bedtime'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

PSN Username = mikedizzl
Age = 31-35
Gender = Male
When did you start playing Destiny? = Alpha/Beta/Day 1'er
How often do you play Destiny? = Everyday
How many characters do you have over 310 Light Level? = 3
After reading our recruitment post, what activity do you think 10 PM Bedtime primarily focuses on? = Raiding & PvE
Which class is your favorite in a raid setting and why? = i love running my hunter because its really good for relic running and shadow shot produces tons of orbs for other players
Is there anything about the class(s) you play that you don't enjoy? = hunters have the worst supers for pvp but i still love em
What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses while playing your class(s)? = my strengths id say are that im a great relic runner. I usually take on responsibility in the raid and have carried many people through the raid.
What attracted you to our particular clan? Where did you hear about us? = look you guys up on google read your clan description and like what i saw. I love the pve side of destiny though i do pvp as well
Have you been in any other Destiny clans? = none serious
Have you ever been removed from a clan for misconduct? = nope
What do you expect to gain from being in our clan? = a good bunch of guys to run with so i can stop doing lfg lol
Do you utilize any outside resources related to Destiny? = im active on the forums. and have multiple destiny apps
Are you missing any key exotic weapons or armor pieces that are useful in the current raid? = no
Do you min-max your character's stats? Which stats and gear perks do you focus on? = i mostly focus on intelligence and strength. I like a balanced character though
Have you raided in any other games? Please list your raiding history in Destiny. = uses to play WoW. Currently play eve online
How do you deal with high pressure or stressful situations? = im usually a very calm collected person. I was in the ARMY stress doesnt bother me much
How do you react to constructive feedback, be it negative or otherwise? = I love it help me be better
How are you with taking directions from someone in a leadership role? = No problem
How do you react when you realize you're putting in more effort than the next guy in your fireteam? = Usually do what i can to help him get better or try to help him by doing his job too lol
What irritates you about other people and how do you usually deal with them? = dont like it when people are way too serious and closed minded. I usually ignore them while still doing my best to finish
What do you do for a living? Will there be any conflicts with our raiding schedule of Tue/Wed 7-11? = IT Technician for 4 casinos here in vegas. And i have Mon - Wed off at my job so tuesday wednesday works perfectly
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Forum » Information » Recruitment (Open)
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