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3rd Feb 2016

I just filled out application '10 PM Bedtime'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

PSN Username = la_monsalud
Age = 26-30
Gender = Male
When did you start playing Destiny? = April 2015
How often do you play Destiny? = 5-6 Days/Week
How many characters do you have over 310 Light Level? = 3
After reading our recruitment post, what activity do you think 10 PM Bedtime primarily focuses on? = Raiding & PvE
Which class is your favorite in a raid setting and why? = I don't really have a preference. For King's Fall specifically, I like going with my Hunter. Hunter's tether help a lot with damage phases in the raid. For Oryx specifically - I can be the bubble titan in the middle or runner as a hunter or warlock. Each class have their strengths and weaknesses.
Is there anything about the class(s) you play that you don't enjoy? = I feel like the warlock has no ability that helps increase damage. Titan's have WoL or Melting Point. Hunter's have their tether. Warlock's dont have much but they do have self res so they can easily take on riskier positions ie. taking main hit with shade of Oryx.
What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses while playing your class(s)? = I can follow direction and adapt to strategies. I have my preference in strategies but when I started joining LFG groups, I learned to adjust to the group leader's strat. I can play any position where needed. I can hold gaze. I can run relic. Weaknesses - sometimes I pop my WoL to far from the group or when I tether i hit a wall.
What attracted you to our particular clan? Where did you hear about us? = I saw your clan recruitment post on Reddit. I like to join an experienced group that don't like to waste time. That want to get the raids done quick as not everyone have hours to spend on the game. Ever since TTK and no new content out, I just log in on reset and knock out nightfall and the raids. Then afterwards, I'll casually play crucible. I feel like your schedule will fit perfectly with mine as those are the times I play most sometimes longer.
Have you been in any other Destiny clans? = Yes. But it's not a serious group its more my friends from work that got me into Destiny. They all stopped playing which led me to going to LFG to find groups to run the raids or any activity.
Have you ever been removed from a clan for misconduct? = Never. I don't do anything to piss anyone off.
What do you expect to gain from being in our clan? = Online friends that I can run old and new activities with and more.
Do you utilize any outside resources related to Destiny? = DIM. Ishtar Commander. Reddit. Destiny mobile app.
Are you missing any key exotic weapons or armor pieces that are useful in the current raid? = No. Only exotic I'm missing is the MK44 Stand Asides.
Do you min-max your character's stats? Which stats and gear perks do you focus on? = I focus more on Intellect then Discipline second. Strength is not important to me.
Have you raided in any other games? Please list your raiding history in Destiny. = No. Destiny is my first "MMO"
How do you deal with high pressure or stressful situations? = I handle it well. I've completed the raid enough times that I mostly know what to expect and make quick decisions. If the situation causes us to wipe, I like to talk it over and adjust before starting again.
How do you react to constructive feedback, be it negative or otherwise? = I say thanks and try to apply. If it doesn't work I'll let the person know.
How are you with taking directions from someone in a leadership role? = Being the person that always joins a LFG group and never creating one - I take directions very well. Just tell me what to do and I'll handle it. I will let you know if I'm struggling.
How do you react when you realize you're putting in more effort than the next guy in your fireteam? = I've carried friends before. I know I've been carried before. I give them feedback and help them get better.
What irritates you about other people and how do you usually deal with them? = I ran with a group last night, and 2 of the people in the party know each other. He didn't like anyone saying no to his strat. He kicked a kid (I must say the kid did talk a lot) but he was very arrogant and let everyone know "ok if we dont do my strat i'll give yours a few tries and then I'll bounce" When people go about things that way I don't deal with it. I left that party right before we started daughters.
What do you do for a living? Will there be any conflicts with our raiding schedule of Tue/Wed 7-11? = I am a project manager for a marketing company. I have flexible working hours and usually home by 5PM EST. Only conflict I see is if ever I sign up for a gym membership and hit the gym before I go home. Other than that I usually go home right after work.
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