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12th Nov 2015

I just filled out application '10 PM Bedtime'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

PSN Username = Krazzi88
Age = 31-35
Gender = Male
When did you start playing Destiny? = September 2014
How often do you play Destiny? = 5-6 Days/Week
How many characters do you have at max level? = 3
After reading our recruitment post, what activity do you think 10 PM Bedtime primarily focuses on? = Raiding & PvE
Which class is your favorite in a raid setting and why? = If I have to pick one my hunter. You gotta love the hunters ability's it kinda makes you feel like a badass space ninja. And the survival skills. I almost never die when I roll as my hunter. But I am very comfortable playing any of my classes I have fun with them all, and they all have great attributes.
Is there anything about the class(s) you play that you don't enjoy? = Not really. Honestly I used to complain alot about hunters in crucible, but not anymore. I think they ironed out alot of kinks.
What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses while playing your class(s)? = I am strong in any role. I can play my part confidently and adapt to change quickly to make any adjustments needed to pick up for any death in the group.
What attracted you to our particular clan? Where did you hear about us? = Word of mouth really. I seen some postings on reddit.
Have you been in any other Destiny clans? = Wicked Syndicate. It was a small clan at launch. It fell apart over the course of year one.
Have you ever been removed from a clan for misconduct? = Never. I am a chill player. I don't cause waves or get involved in BS.
What do you expect to gain from being in our clan? = Community... The game is better with a strong community. I do a lot of other stuff aside from raiding and it is always nice to have a clan to help and get help from when needed.
Do you utilize any outside resources related to Destiny? = Reddit to keep up with whats going on in Destiny. Vault helper to manage inventory. Destiny lfg when i need to.
Are you missing any key exotic weapons or armor pieces that are useful in raiding? = No. I am set for raiding.
Do you min-max your character's stats? Which stats and gear perks do you focus on? = Intellect mostly on my hunter. I try to keep the perks on my armor dependant on my weapons. But I try to maximize special uptime.
If you have prior raiding experience in other games besides Destiny, please list it here. = Star Wars the Old Republic World of warcraft Rift Asherons Call 2
How do you deal with high pressure or stressful situations? = Wooohzaahhh. I am prety laid back when it comes to raiding. Now Trials I might blow a fuse.
How do you react to negative feedback, justified or otherwise? = I welcome it. It's hard to see your own faults sometimes. I take it as a kindness when someone tells me I have crap on my face.
How are you with taking directions from someone in a leadership role? = I have been raiding for years It is completely normal to me. Tell me what and where and I am there.
How do you react when you realize you're putting in more effort than the next guy in your fireteam? = Doesn't bother me as long as they are not dragging the entire raid down.
What irritates you about other people and how do you usually deal with them? = I get irritated when people take a lot of breaks and mess with the flow of a raid. I understand bio breaks, but constant smoke breaks bug the hell out of me.
What do you do for a living? Will there be any conflicts with our raiding schedule of Tue/Wed 7-11? = I work in the trades as an estimator, so no I don't see an conflicts.
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